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Powder Coating End Caps

Now, You Can Have Your

Saber Touch End-Caps
Powder Coated To Match The Body!

First, Choose Your End-Cap Style From Our
Shopping For Saber Touch Page,
Along With All Of The Other Options.
Then Add
Powder Coat Your Caps
From This Page.

Please Note:  For Powder Coated Sabers, you need to touch bare metal along with the Touch Sensor to activate
your mod.  (Nice Safety Feature!) 
All Bottoms of the caps have 1" of bare metal to touch.
This might be hard to reach with smaller hands.  So, add
one of the Limited Edition (bottom 4 styles)
From our Limited Edition Page to add a
bare metal design to your Saber for easier activation.

If you want a Different Color Cap Than your Saber Body,
Select "Email Cap Color Choice" from the drop down box
And then email us at
Letting us know what color to make your Caps!

If you are also getting a Passthru with your Saber,
I will throw in the Powder Coating of the Passthru Cap
To match whatever color option for the caps you choose!

Powder Coated Caps

Sorry About Not Looking At The Sensor While Making The Video!

So Many Ways To Customize Your
Saber Touch!

*Please Remember, The Saber End Caps get the most abuse of the mod, so scratched caps can be replaced at a cost... All Powder Coating will not be warranted for scratches*

Keep On Vapin'!

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